Scott Kaeser

After graduating, Scott initially worked six years as a copywriter for several insurance companies. In 1979, he and his wife Karen, started Tide-mark, a publishing company. They began making topical calendars and have continued to do so over the past 40 years. Over the years, they’ve engaged fellow Northeastern News colleagues to assist with various calendars, including ones related to baseball and opera. 

In addition to calendars, they occasionally make books, generally illustrated. One that is particularly noteworthy is “Baseball’s First Indian,” authored by Northeastern Newser Ed Rice. It was published in hardcover, and eventually Ed was able to license the title to Down East Publishing as a regional Maine title. 

In Scott’s own words, he says: “Through this ongoing effort, I think that the birth of our daughter Elizabeth in 1983 marked an especially notable event. Born during the night of a nor’easter just before Christmas, we brought her home wrapped in blankets and troubled by the realization that we had no idea what to do once we had gotten her out of the cold. I was pleased to speak at her high school graduation as chairman of our town’s board of education. She departed shortly after for Vassar College and has been busy ever since. She and her husband Jacob now live in Philadelphia where they are raising their nearly new son. I have to say it is terrific to have a grandchild. 

“I suppose that next steps are soon to be imminent. A friend asked me this week what the plan was to be going forward. I told him that I was awaiting instructions from herself. Karen, my spouse of more than four decades, retired this year, at least technically. She actually has been working what seems like full time through much of December filling in for pharmacists absent with COVID, or just absent. Eventually a plan will evolve, but until then I will begin working on new calendar titles for 2022 and hope to eke out yet another season.”

Scott Kaeser is a 1973 graduate of Northeastern University with a degree in Liberal Arts. His spouse, Karen Schindehette Kaeser, is a 1977 Northeastern University graduate with a degree in pharmacy.