Mary V. Gelinas, Ed.D.

Mary is a managing director of Gelinas James, Inc., and has more than 40 years of experience as an organization development consultant, process designer, facilitator, educator, thinking partner and author. She has worked with leaders, organizations and boards in all sectors using innovative, collaborative and practical approaches that are based in the behavioral and brain sciences.

She has authored many books, articles and monographs in the areas of organization and leadership development, consulting and change management. Her most recent book is “Talk Matters! Solving Complex Issues Through Brain Science, Mindful Awareness, and Effective Process” (Friesen Press, 2017). Her blog provides inspiration, tips and tools for leading, creating change and fostering constructive conversations. 

After graduating from Northeastern, she had intended to become an education journalist. While in graduate school she realized she was more interested in helping create change than she was in writing about it. She moved to California in 1972 for a job in Berkeley and never looked back. She writes, “I love the work I do. My intention continues to be to enable people to create meaningful conversations about things that matter so they can do good things for the world.”

(Mary Gelinas is a 1971 graduate of Northeastern University with a degree in Liberal Arts.)

Mary Gelinas is the author of “Talk Matters!”