Joel Pliner

Joel has as eclectic a resume as anyone could imagine. He is retired and continues living his dream.

He expresses it this way: 

“On a perfectly gorgeous April day in 1971, I was walking around Fresh Pond in Cambridge with my best friend and roommate, Nick, when suddenly we were both struck by the same epiphany: We had to get away from the insanity that calls itself civilization. Taking the words of John Prine to heart – “Blow up your TV, throw away the papers, move to the country, build you a home …” – we did just that. In 1977, I landed in a remote corner of Vermont, not on the way to or from anywhere. I’ve been a carpenter, builder, surveyor, gardener, beekeeper, construction manager, mortgage lender and data analyst. My bride, Dawn, founded and ran an adoption agency for 37 years. We live beside beautiful Lake St. Catherine. Our two kids live 10 miles down the road, and we don’t have a mortgage. Been living the dream now for 44 years and counting. And, P.S.: Nick landed in New Hampshire and we do Qigong together every Sunday night.”

Joel Pliner is a 1971 graduate of Northeastern University with a degree in Engineering