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In the Rearview Mirror

All Hail 53 Years Later      I was a green kid from a small town when I first set foot on Northeastern’s quadrangle in the fall of 1963. There were only 53 in my high school graduating class; the crowd of families and friends at my high school graduation was smaller than the packed auditorium for...

Moratorium 1971 honoring Kent State deaths

About this Special Edition: 1971-2021

On the fourth floor of the Ell Student Center from 1967-1973, students from Divisions A and B each put out a great newspaper.  In part, this was because of the times. Protests against the Vietnam War and movements for civil rights, women’s liberation, gay rights and environmentalism rolled through what had been the most politically conservative campus in the Greater Boston area.  Assassination...

Stop gun violence

Born 50 Years Ago, Social Imperatives Are Ascendant Today

I hadn’t looked through my copy of Cauldron 1971 for many years before working on this project, but when I did, I was struck with what a remarkable accomplishment it was. I had never before (or since) seen a comparable yearbook with such an inclusive scope of academic, local, national and global awareness or with...